Odin holding Longboat

"Wow that beard and the water streaming through his hand, Amazing"

The Crow

"Absolutely love my new tattoo"


"That's another level mate"

Wolf and forest

"Amazing, much better than I imagined"

Abstract Tiger

"So good, can't thankyou enough"

Lemmy cover tattoo

"Unbelievable mate"

Viking warrior back piece

"The detail is amazing"

Skull and Roses

"Love it, just love it"


"I'm so happy for my first tattoo, its better than I thought"



Octopus Neo Trad

"Unbelievable mate, thankyou so much"

Chest geo/mandala

"Better than I imagined it"

Blacksmith Tattoo

"WOW" from J.Neilson Forged in Fire.


"That's my arm, superb buddy"

Rhodesian Ridgeback Tribute

"Absolutely love it, Neil managed to get the personality of each dog perfect, I would highly recommend this studio"


"I love him so much, thanks again"


"Unreal mate, love it"


"The picture doesn't do this justice, absolutely amazing"

Jurassic park rip and raptor

"My little boy loves my tattoos, he's mad on dinosaurs"


"Thanks again for doing this tattoo to honour my mam, amazing"

Winston Churchill Portrait

"Now that is a fantastic tattoo"


"Absolutely love it mate"

Baby Groot on calf

"Thanks for doing it Neil!He looks the bomb"

French Cowboy tribute for dad and grandad

"Absolutely love it so much"


"Don't know what to say......I'd hug you if I could lol"

Russian Babooshka doll

"It's beautiful"


"Beautiful work, thank's again"


"Amazing attention to detail mate, love it"


"That is sick, thankyou so much"


"Absolutely awesome mate, love it"

Jesus and roses


Candy girl

"Love the colours, gorgeous"


"Turned out better than I imagined"

Owl tattoo

"I love my cute owl tattoo"

Koi Ying Yang

"Can't wait to have more of my sleeve done"


"Brilliant, can't wait to have more done"

Hulk Perspective Arm

"Amazing mate"

Wolf and moon, blue light highlights

"Truly amazing"

Black and grey Koala

"Absolutely awesome work once again mate"

Archer with Lion inlay

"Fabulous studio, fabulous artist and fabulous guy. Highly recommend to anyone. Attention to detail is amazing.Thankyou :)"

Harley Fatbob

"My bike looks great, thanks again"

Wolf and moon

"First tattoo and absolutely love it"


"He's so cute"


"Its looks so life like"


"My first tattoo at 68, beautiful"

Classic Escher Design

"Insane attention to detail, thanks mate"

Jesus with Gothic merge

"Outstanding mate"

Realism/Abstract lion

"Awesome piece mate"

Wolf Family

"Thankyou so much Neil, I especially like the different colours in the eyes to represent my family"

Mandala with lion portrait

"Absolutely Looooooove my new tattoo"

Eagle _Portrait

"Can't wait to get more done, thanks mate"

Mariner tattoo

"Over the moon with my new tattoo mate, thank-you so much"

Japanese flower design under tribal

"First colour I've had and I love it"

Esther(Daughter of Client"

"I absolutely love it, thanks again Neil"

WW1 theme

"Thanks mate, love it, can't wait to continue it on"


"It all looks amazing, thanks for designing it for me"

Finlay's Artwork

"Finlay love's his drawing on his dad forever"


"Thanks Neil, I love it"

Flaming lion


Nautical half sleeve

"Absolutely love it mate"

Peregrine Falcons

"This fits perfect with the rest of my sleeve, thanks mate"

Grim reaper and lantern cover up

"Over the moon with my cover up, love the colours"

Clients dad

"Thank you so much for a portrait of my dad its so life like"

Floral Coverup

"I love my cover-up, can't wait to add more"

Knight design

"Thanks for all your hardwork mate, truly amazing"


"Thankyou so much for my tattoo for my Mum, it means so much"

Casino forearm

"Fits great with my existing tattoo, love it"

Skull and Crown

"Absolutely love my tattoo mate, thanks once again"

Tall Ship

"40th birthday present from my wife,great job mate"

The Crow/Brandon Lee

"Absolutely love it, it means a lot to me"


"Fantastic, see you soon mate"

Japanese Theme with Samaurai

"Absolutely love my new tattoo, awesome"

Tyr and Fenrir

"Thanks so much, this tattoo means alot"

Lion Mandala

"Thankyou for my lion, can't wait for the additions soon"

Butterflower coverup

"I really love my butterflower coverup, thankyou so much"

Ultra Cute Baby Groot

"I love my Baby Groot"

Client in the gulf

"You got the detail perfect, thanks mate"

Sally Cover Up

"Thankyou so much, it looks amazing"

Odin Cover Up

"Thanks mate, truly outstanding work"

Rose Mandala Coverup

"Thanks, I love it"

Black and Grey Owl

"Awesome, can't wait to get my sleeve finished"

Rose cards on hand

"Fantastic, thanks mate"

Stag on bicep

"Absolutely love it mate, it looks so real"

Bruce the French bulldog

"I love it so much, he's my favourite tattoo"

Skull Hand Tattoo

"Unbelievable, better than I ever thought"

Highland Cow

"Thanks Neil, I love it, just have to name him now :)"

Tiger and Rose

" Thanks Neil, awesome for my first tattoo, cheers mate"

Henry with rose background

"Beautiful way to have my son tattooed on my arm, love it"

Religous coverup

"Love the start of my arm, very happy, can't wait for more"

Owl, book and butterflies

"I love my tiny owl, thankyou so much"


"My partner and I are loving our new tattoos"

Colour realism rose

"Thanks again Neil, I really love the design dedicated to my granddaughter Esme Rose"

Skull, map and compass

"Its great that you incorporated my existing tattoo, awesome"

Gorilla on forearm

"Looks better than I imagined, cheers bruv"

Tree of life

"Exactly how I pictured it"

Blackwork  Flower

"Thankyou I really love it"

Paralympic Arrow Rio 2016

" Thanks Neil, I won a bronze medal at Rio for archery and this really means a lot"

Day of the dead girl

"Thanks mate it looks awesome and just like Liz(Girlfriend)"

Plethora of mermaids

"Love it, it's totally beat my expectations"

Dotwork planets watercolour nebula

"Its exactly what I wanted, thanks Neil"

Eye and Tiger

"Thanks Neil you really nailed Hannah's eye and with the tiger it looks awesome!"

Owl, mountains and tees

"Awesome doesn't do it justice mate"

Sun Studio Microphone

"I absolutely love it"

Watercolour Feather

"Thanks so much its better than I imagined it"

Owl, Dreamcatcher coverup

"Thanks so much its beautiful"

Dove, Pocketwatch and Roses


Vegas Coverup

"Looking great mate cant wait to see it finished"

Flower with leaves

"Thanks mate I love it"


"Absolutely awesome mate"


"Thanks Neil, can't wait for the sleeve to be finished"

Tribute tattoo

"Thanks for doing a great job Neil it means a lot"



Bear and forest

"Now that's real art, thanks mate"

Top Hat Skull



"Thanks Neil, can't believe the detail"

Girl, wolf and stag

"Once again mate thankyou it looks amazing, looking forward to getting more work done".

Bowie Dark Star

"Thankyou so much, I love it"

Elvis presley cover up

"Now I can get my arm out with pride, thanks again Neil"

Skull and Rose Coverup

"I've never seen anyone do what you do Neil, thank you so much , my cover up is amazing"

Watch and rose rework

"Thankyou for sorting out my tattoo(By another artist)"

Compass, Map and Rose

"Amazing work Neil. I love it, can't wait for the next one"

Blackwork Flowers

"Love it Neil, can't wait for more:)"


"Loving the way my forearm is coming along mate, cant wait to finish it"


"Thanks mate,I love it"

Technology arm

"Turned out brilliant thanks again"

Lioness Mehndi

"Wow I love it"

Wolf and Rose

"Mate I love it, you should charge more lol"


"Cheers Neil, cant wait for my gorilla next"

Thigh Mandala

"Totally-in love with it, super happy, in the good hands of a good artist"


"Amazing and such a nice man to talk to especially when a bit nervous. Thank you Neil"


"I'm loving the way my leg is coming along, thanks mate"

Elephant Geometry

"Looks better than I thought it would, thanks again"


"Absolutely Loving your work"

Neo Trad Wolf and Girl

"I absolutely love my new tattoo, thanks Neil"


"Absolutely love it mate"

Odin and Wolves

"So pleased with it Neil, its just as I imagined it would be"


"Love it Neil! Thank you so much and will deffo be seeing you soon! 👌x"

Eagle Portrait

" Thanks again mate my leg is looking awesome"

Eye Eye

"Absolutely love it mate!!"

Map-masonic compass-rope

"Cheers mate, it looks better than I ever thought it would:)"

Cyril Regis

"Thanks mate, I love it"

Lion Mendhi

"Thank you so much for today. Absolutely in love with it!"


"Thanks for finishing my tattoo (started by a different artist), it looks so different and much better now"

Indalo design

"Thanks Neil, This design means alot to me and my family, love it"

Aberdeen Angus

"Thanks once again Neil, I love it"

Watch an Roses

"Thanks for doing this for my 18th and the crack :)"

Sailor Jerry Classics

"Loving the way my Sailor Jerry sleeve is going"