Please remember to bring I.D.

Jack's Shack Tattoo Studio requires a £50.00 payment to confirm a booking. This will come off the final price of your tattoo.  I ask that you kindly bring cash to settle your account on the day of your appointment. - If you book multiple appointments please understand that I require a £50.00 payment for each appointment. 

 All payments are non-refundable. Your tattoo session is priced based on an estimated time needed for me to complete your tattoo. Please understand this includes alterations on the day, freehand drawing and stencil time. This time could be changeable and the minimum price quoted is fixed. - Tattooing is not an exact science and occasionally extra time may be required, I will advise you of this as soon as I become aware. 

I'm here to make your new tattoo as fantastic as possible and to help you enjoy the experience. I look forward to meeting you.